I was born and educated in Kalgoorlie – the Goldfields of Western Australia. Having spent the first part of my life in Kalgoorlie, the surrounding bush and my Mother, who was an artist and lecturer, were the earliest influences of my artistic self. I can remember my love of the trees, their blossoms and fruits, and the vastness of the landscape. I used to draw as a child and as a young adult was a potter. The growth of my creative endeavours has undoubtedly been influenced by the diversity of my life.

My nursing career spanned over 35 years, interspersed with a variety of jobs and interests, sometimes alone, mostly in conjunction with nursing and raising children. All were as character building as they were diverse. Throughout this time ‘bubbling away’ was a creative urge desiring my attention, which in the late 1980s I could no longer ignore.

The exquisite beauty of nature and its vulnerability is my inspiration. The vastness of our country, the majesty of our tall timbers, the pristine beauty of our beaches and the wonder of our introduced gardens awe me. This inflames my passion and encourages me to record, on paper, my feelings.

My paintings are inspired by the magnificence of the Australian landscape, and although my heart is in the south west, my soul is stirred by the amazing diversity of all Australia.

I often produce a series of works, particularly when I discover a spectacular location as I need to translate and record the sense of the place or the spiritual presence I feel there.
These feelings and urges also come when the beauty of the garden awakens after a cold winter.

I work primarily in Watercolour, which I enjoy and push the limits! Pastels play an important role in my interpretation of some subjects, which require the natural warmth and muted tones that the medium can produce. Therefore, sometimes, I work Watercolour and Pastel in combination.

My background doesn’t constrain me to accept limitations to either, the materials I use or my interpretation of themes, and I work freely allowing the subject of the painting and the medium to influence the result.

“Marguerite Aberle has held a number of very successful exhibitions and her work is in private collections in many parts of the world and all states of Australia. Her inaugural was a complete sell out, and won wide acclaim marking her as an emerging artist, whose work reflects the diversity of her life and the tempering of her talent through the fire of adversity.”
Mark Dixon…Western Australia