For many years I have looked, longingly, at the portraits of other artists…wishing I could do that. Spending much time studying the work…sometimes not studying but wondering what possessed them to do it this way or that. Some of them beautiful…like the amazing lifelike portraits of well know West Australians, which were exhibited throughout WA and have been presented in book form with the stories of the sitters. I am in awe of this artists work. The Artist, Jana Vodesil-Baruffi and the book “Permanent Impressions” well worth looking at. I am sure she would have a web address.

Well, I have been asked to join the Bridgetown artists in painting portraits of the students to celebrate the centenary of the primary school and sixty years of the high school. We are to work from photos of the students, taken by the students. I have said I would do one (1)…oh dear what have I done to me…
I have the ideas…they are still in my head…and the days are ticking by…2 weeks until opening night. Fortunately we have all the same size board…hopefully we have forgiving parents!!

I will keep you posted…

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  1. Marguerite, I admire your ability as an accomplished artist to admit to vulnerability in stepping out of your own comfort zone. I feel the portrait you create will take you on a new pathway to express your talent. Look forward to seeing it once completed.