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The portrait

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The portrait

Well I did it…the portrait is done, it hangs at the Bridgetown Pottery & Restaurant, along with 92 others.
There is a wide variety of styles and medium amongst those 93 portraits.
Maybe an unusual way of having the “Archie”, which has been happening every year in Bridgetown for many years. This year it was set up to celebrate 100 years of Bridgetown Primary School and 60 years of the High School.  We were all given a photo of a child…randomly selected… a piece of foam core, therefore size is uniform…up to us.

My first ever portrait is now on display…it is pencil and watercolour wash. It was a little challenging (maybe that is an understatement!!), and towards the end I sought help from two friends. Great advice…just those little bits I had not seen.  The best thing is that Pip and Lesa recognised him…bonus!!

Am I happy with it?…yes…will I do it again?…a strong maybe.

Portrait of a Kid

Dye and Stitch

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Play with dye on paper…making lovely little pictures, which we will stitch into to make landscapes, gardens, individual flowers…whatever comes will be embellished with beautiful silk threads.
Will be a full day.
All materials supplied.
Morning and afternoon tea supplied. Bring own lunch

Cards, Landscapes & Seascapes

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Painting watercolour landscapes and/or seascapes in miniature…fixing into supplied card frames.
All materials supplied, including paint.
Morning tea included


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For many years I have looked, longingly, at the portraits of other artists…wishing I could do that. Spending much time studying the work…sometimes not studying but wondering what possessed them to do it this way or that. Some of them beautiful…like the amazing lifelike portraits of well know West Australians, which were exhibited throughout WA and have been presented in book form with the stories of the sitters. I am in awe of this artists work. The Artist, Jana Vodesil-Baruffi and the book “Permanent Impressions” well worth looking at. I am sure she would have a web address.

Well, I have been asked to join the Bridgetown artists in painting portraits of the students to celebrate the centenary of the primary school and sixty years of the high school. We are to work from photos of the students, taken by the students. I have said I would do one (1)…oh dear what have I done to me…
I have the ideas…they are still in my head…and the days are ticking by…2 weeks until opening night. Fortunately we have all the same size board…hopefully we have forgiving parents!!

I will keep you posted…

The blossoms of the flowering gums

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Often I sit and look at the trees…since childhood I have loved to watch trees, the leaves changing directions to lessen the surface area exposed to the sun. Watching the shadows, sometimes thin, leaf shape shadows cast by overhead sun…later in the day long shadows, darker and more dense. The colour of shadows changing with the time of the day…shadows and shade important in the heat of Kalgoorlie. Many beautiful gums trees I remember from my childhood, the smell of the blossoms…sweet and pretty, the little golden dollops of pollen on the ends of bright pink or deep red stamens…the  unique aroma of the gum nut caps.

We used to make necklaces with those little caps, just a needle and a little thread and lots of time, patience and care was all that was needed. The variety in colour and shape made our string of caps interesting. I loved the smaller caps, though they were a little more fiddly to pierce with the needle, sometimes they broke, but we never gave up. What a beautiful memory of childhood creative fun!

While writing this I was sitting in a car park, one created to resemble the bush and give shade to the cars…how thoughtful, and unusual, of the planners.  The variety of trees a delight, I played with myself, a game of guessing the names of them…once I knew many, but not needing to sprout those names, these days, they have slipped into the unused recesses of the brain. Not so the delicious aroma…in the heat of the day the smell that stood out the most was the lemon scented gum… I remember its name!  The aroma of the Australian bush is unique, spicy, wonderful and my fertile brain starts to imagine…making up stories… my painter brain just wants to get out the paint brushes…when I get home I think to myself!

So expect to see a new work soon of the blossoms of the flowering gums.